Jaw surgery is performed when your jaws don’t align correctly. Often this involves misaligned teeth and improper function causing problems with chewing, speech, appearance, and health. This is often due to different growth rates within the jaws that can be caused by birth defects and jaw trauma.

Symptoms that may need evaluating:

  • Difficulty biting

  • Open bite

  • Protruding jaw

  • Difficulty breathing/sleep apnea

  • Difficulty with speech

Orthodontic alignment can correct problems with your bite when teeth are involved. Orthognathic surgery may be required when skeletal (jaw) repositioning is needed. Drs. Bailey and Haghighi will work closely with your orthodontist to properly align your jaws and teeth to provide optimal function and appearance.

Drs. Bailey and Haghighi will go over every detail with you and your loved ones during your consultation and design a treatment plan best suited for you.

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